WASHX Story...

Founded with a great passion for detail!…


At WASHX we are true to our values by providing the best possible experience and to keep improving the great experience, to be honest and polite, strive for excellence in all that we do and always have a Passion for Detail.


Culture is a real important part of who we are at WASHX, we are a well diversified bunch we bring a lot of different cultural values and blend them all together into a group of fun yet motivated people who do a great job and are great to work with.

Feel Secure

We have a great track record, we clean and detail hundreds of cars, trucks, suv’s, semi’s, rv’s, boats and even airplanes from time to time on a monthly basis.

the Team

Andres Vicuna

Co-Founder and CEO

Zain Khwaja

Co-founder and President


Ryan Ramesra

Chief Financial Officer


Phil Dinnis

Sales Director


Stephen H. Berry

Chief Operations Officer 

Thomas Turnbaugh

Lead Detailer & Trainer 


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