WASHX Memberships

It feels good to drive a clean car

Memberships give you convenience with benefits.

WASHX memberships provide a lot of service, value and benefits.

Receive 2 mobile washes at your home or office on a monthly basis.

Save $ with a WASHX membership receive 10% off on add-ons or on upgrades. You can even gift 2 washes a year to your friends, family or co-workers. 

Rollover Washes!
Unused washes will rollover for up to 1 year and can be booked back to back or as frequently as you like subject to availablity. 60 days advance booking is available. 

Mobile Detailing Orlando

Wait there's more.

                                    Members receive exclusive benefits.

– Concierge service 

– Priority booking

– Referral incentives: For every one person you refer that signs up we give you a free wash credit.

Wash Discription

                                     What’s included?
– Hand wash and dry.
– Wheel wells and door jams are cleaned.
– Vacuum and interior wipe down.
– Interior and exterior window cleaning.
– Tire dressing to keep your tires protected and shinning.


$100.00 a month

Additional Membership Details

Your monthly membership is redeemable subject to availability we do give members a priority on available appointment slots. 60 days advance booking is available for members. Rollover washes expire 1 year from the date is was issued. 

Members must cancel with 24 hour notice otherwise it will count as a wash. 

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