Paint Corrections & Ceramic Coatings

Protect and enhance the look of your car, truck, suv, boats and rv’s.

What is a Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing contaminants, swirls and bringing your painted finish back to life or correcting the state its in through different stages of polishing techniques

In other words: Remove swirls and make it shine…


Do I need a paint correction?

To be honest every car, truck, suv and so on can use a paint correction since they all have swirls, scratches and contaminants lodged in to finish coat even vehicles that just drove away from the showroom. Look closely and you will see your vehicles loaded with swirls, scratches and various contaminants. 


Side by Side Examples

Locking It In... with Ceramic Coating

Once we complete the paint correction process its necessary to lock it in with ceramic coating to protect your paint from getting scratched swirled and loaded with contaminants again it also provides a load of other benefits. If you have a passion for detail as we do this coating will be your best friend. 

What type of coating do we use? We have had great results and feel the most confident in Adam’s Coating Products.


Ceramic Coating Benefits

How Much Does a Paint Correction & Coating Cost?

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